Ginza Takashima Cosmetic is botanically based cosmetic products.

We stand for the truth in beauty. All of our products use only the highest quality ingredients, pose no harm to people or the environment

The estimated delivery time takes usually a month after you have completed the payment. Rieco says “ perseverance is the key to the beauty, like it’s important to practice everyday routine for your skin, the same thing can be said of waiting time for your product to come.”  We promise to make a progress on producing and deliver products that are good for you.


You can choose to pay either with PayPal or bank transfer.

If your using PayPal,  select this option at checkout, you’ll be sent to the PayPal site to complete your payment. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be sent back to our website to confirm your order and finalize payment.Please be noted that there will be 5% interest for the invoice to be issued.

If you choose to pay with bank transfer, please transfer the money to our bank account.

Once you are done with payment, please email us with your 1. name 2.address 3. contact number 4. products that you wish to purchase and how many and 5.the total amount of the price. (6.Date of the bank transfer)

Please be noted that we would not be able to proceed the shipping or give an advise for your question if you have not completed the payment.